What do you give to someone who has everything?

I think that no matter how talented of a gifter you are, there were moments when you thought you just don’t know what to give to your partner/parents/friend/sister/brother. In this blog I’ll give you a few tips of what you can buy to someone who has everything!

I believe that for ladies, there are plenty of options, a sea or ocean of possibilities of what you can give to her, so in this article I’ll focus mainly on gifts for men but you will see that some, if not most of the items below may also be great gifts for ladies!

A part of a man's jeans with a recycled, bicycle tube belt
Recycled Bicycle Tube Belt


These belts are made of recycled and upcycled bicycle inner (or outer) tubes! You might think: “Oh wow, I like it but I’m not sure my spouse/brother/father will love it,too…” Trust me: these belts are the most popular amongst men in Intuita 2!

If he has a lot of belts already (or he doesn’t have any) and you are 1000% sure you won’t be able to tickle his interest, in this collection, there are wallets, coin purses, tool or beauty cases and keyrings,too!

See our full range of gifts: webshop.intuitashop.com/style/for_recyclers

Handmade Shotglasses With Faces
Handmade Shotglasses With Faces


The series include a shot glass with a female face, another with 2 male faces, one with a nude female body and the 4th is with a thumb finger print inside.

These pieces are unique and unrepeatable since Borko makes a new mold for each shot glass and has to break the mold inside the glass once it’s ready.

Find them online: webshop.intuitashop.com/style/not_tipsy_yet!

Handmade Leather Bound Journal
Handmade Leather Bound Journal

Leather Journal

Writing in this journal feels like art so any man who likes to write down his plans, scribble or doodle, will appreciate it! We have 2 different types of these – the full leather covered minimalist style and the aquarelle print covered half-leather journals.

Buy online: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/journals_and_bookmarkers/leather_journals

Glow-in-the-dark, Dot Painted Rocks by Chloe Nyiri
Glow-in-the-dark, Dot Painted Rocks

Office Decoration

Most men don’t care for decorations in their office area but I’m sure they will appreciate it if you think of it for them. Glow-in-the-dark, dot painted rocks do pop some interesting point to his desk and he might even cheer up at the gift he got from you while working!

Have a look at our current selection: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/painted_pebbles/dot_painted_stones

Stone face

Stone ceramic face is another lovely option to decorate an office, if for example he is not a big fan of colors!

We have different sizes available: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/figures/stone_faces

Raku Ceramic Chess Board
Raku Ceramic Chess Board

Unique Chess Board

If he likes to play chess then it is a great gift that he can also show off to his friends when they come over to play!

If he doesn’t like chess but still loves to play, we also have a selection of logic and board games!

Find them here: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/games_toys_and_puzzles

I really hope I managed to give you some ideas of what to get for a man who seems to have everything!

A portrait of Chloe Nyiri

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