Face Series In Intuita Shop

In this article I thought I would show you face art in Intuita Shop’s collection. I think that one way or another, we all try to express ourselves, the way we see the world around us or we escape into a fantasy world (that’s me) and draw our inspiration from fairy tales when it comes to forming human shapes.

A photo of a girl with red hair, unusual blue eyes matching her parchment flower earrings
Parchment Flower Earrings

I. Shotglasses with faces inside

Our shotglass series includes a glass with a female face, another with 2 male faces, one with a female body shape and the last is a thumb finger. They are the most popular piece amongst men in Intuita Shop so if you would like to surprise him for his birthday with something unusual, I would highly recommend these!

Buy them online: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/shot_glasses/unique_handmade_shot_glasses

Handmade Shotglasses With Faces
Handmade Shotglasses With Faces

II. “Stone faces” made of ceramic

Some years ago, when people walked into our store and saw these faces, they started calling them “Stone faces” so the name stuck but they are actually made of ceramic! I love how their had is tilted sideways and the simple expression on their faces. For some, they may seem creepy but I adore them!

See our full collection here: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/figures/stone_faces

Stone Face

III. Enamel Hairgrips

These enamel on copper hairgrips are the end result of a lot of hard precision work! “Shading” in this profession is not as easy as with a pencil on a paper: you have to create many-many layers of enamel to create a shadow around a face!

See our current range: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/hairgrips

Hairgrip with Face Intuita Shop
Hairgrip with Face

IV. Wire figures

Well, these ones don’t strictly fit into the face series but I thought I would add them here anyways because they tell stories of human impersonations: simple wires forming tipycal human personalities and hobbies!

Find all of the figures here: webshop.intuitashop.com/products/figures/wire_figures

Wire Figurines For Fathers
Wire Figurines For Fathers

Did you like this list of faces and human figurines in Intuita Shop?

A portrait of Chloe Nyiri

By purchasing from us you support local artists mainly from the countryside of Hungary who otherwise might not get a chance to sell their beautiful treasures online and/or offline!


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