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Filigree Design, Sterling Silver and Enamel Jewelry

Here in Intuita shop, we have not met yet another artist who fuses enamel with sterling silver. The reason it is so rare is that enamel starts to melt at a lower degree (750-850 degrees Celcius) than silver (961.8 degree Celcius). That means that you have to be incredibly cautios and attentive so that the two material don’t melt together into a big mess.

Fantasy Nautilus Sterling Silverr Earrings in Intuita
Sterling Silver and Enamel Earrings

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Filigree design, tendril patterned, lacey sterling silver and enamel jewelry
Sterling Silver & Enamel Jewelry

Unique, Minimalist Sterling Silver Pieces

This style is very modern, minimal and loveable. You can wear it with absolutely everything!

Handmade, heart shape, sterling silver pendant
Heart Shape Sterling Silver Pendant

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Plexiglas and Sterling Silver Jewelry

These pieces were inspired by nature, they have a strong feel of connection and love yet these are also very clean, modern pieces:

Infinity Red Dress Intuita Shop
Infinity Red Dress

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Designer Plexiglas & Sterling Silver Pendant Intuita Shop
Designer Plexiglas & Sterling Silver Pendant

Fancy Amazons

These sterling silver pieces are one-of-a-kind and exlclusive. They are made with hand-forging technique and therefore the way the sterling silver tendrils form around your finger, is totally up to the artist!

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Unique and Arched Sterling Silver Ring
Sterling Silver Ring
A portrait of Chloe Nyiri

By purchasing from us you support local artists mainly from the countryside of Hungary who otherwise might not get a chance to sell their beautiful treasures online and/or offline!

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